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Back to Routine

For a long time we took a break, but now we’re back, and ready to learn to get back to routine. We hope to help out with the pressing eighth grade decisions about high school, and talk about some of the stuff we love about school in a podcast. Please help us stick with you, because we still love this site, and have this passion to make the world better.


about us


We started as neighbors, became friends, then decided to change the world.

Three Clever Chicks (Jordan, Jasmin and Juli) combined minds, talent, skills, passion and hearts to create a ‘Be The Light’ lifestyle movement. We set out on this adventure to create an identity and subculture of kindness, generosity, hope and accountability in this chaotic world.

Don’t miss the latest episode of our Lumenade podcast. We talk among ourselves and with others about gratitude, kindness, service, balance, compassion, and hard work.

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How I Change The World Journal – coming soon

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